Monday, September 15, 2008

When you vilify "big oil" you vilify Mrs. Farkel, my old arithmetic teach

Every time I hear people vilify the evil oil companies, I think of Mrs. Farkel, my old 5th-grade arithmetic teacher. She's retired now, living on a pension from the Minnesota Teacher's Union, and do you know what the pension fund's single largest holding is? It's Exxon Mobil. The plumber's pension fund owns it too. Many labor organizations and other institutional investors have stakes in the oil companies. Heck, I bet even Val Molin, the retired 4th grade teacher that Al Franken trots out in his campaign commercial, is a beneficiary of oil company profits.

So here's the deal. Stop complaining about oil company profits or you'll have to stand in the corner.

Can you still buy a dunce cap?

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