Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh! Stop breakin’ Walz!

8/13 update: Under pressure from critics of his healthcare reform plan, Democratic House Representative Tim Walz finally agreed to host a townhall meeting to hear from his constituents. Unfortunately, he’s holding it not in the district’s largest city (Rochester) but in Mankato, presumably so he and his handlers can blame GOP “mobs” “bussed-in” from Rochester for any opposition or outrage.

Give our Democratic House Representative Tim Walz a break. Of course, he doesn’t want to face opposing views from the golden age “mobs” on his health care plan. If you were a Democrat, would you? After all, the Left’s idea of “free speech” and “constructive public discourse” is the “RNC Welcoming Committee” so you can understand that they see as intimidating weapons of mass destruction: loose dentures (one sneeze and they’re deadly projectiles) and tennis ball-equipped walkers (very painful to the shins).

Fine to be irrationally afraid, Rep. Walz, but understand that what your octogenarian domestic terrorist constituents are hearing is, “shut up and go back to watching ‘Matlock,’ we know what we’re doing. And never you mind that pain-in-the-ass constitutional prerogative to petition the Government for a redress of grievances, either. This is too important for discussion and certainly too important for dissention.”

Indeed. And a settled matter, to boot!

Democrats already have the pre$cription for what ail$ you and have been over-prescribing it for years. Now bend over and drop your drawers.

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